Julia Rosenstock, Graduation Project

Meadow of carnivore plants, 2021

Mixed media, two-channel installation, 10 min loop, 85 × 55 × 165 cm 

Sound in collaboration with Lukas Mogwitz, voice by Josie Haar, sound technical assistance by Simon Schötz

Venus flytrap [Dionaea muscipula]: carnivorous, rhizome-forming, grows in nutrient-poor soil, depends on periodic natural fires every 3–5 years. 

Who said anything about winning?

Tell me tales of plants that grow somewhere else than up. 

Does it exist if it doesn’t fit your expectations?

Show me what lies underneath the rendering of progress. 

As the surface is peeling, can you feel the pressure?

I’ve heard that good destruction requires care:

1. Empty it of its substance

2. Step to the side

3. Watch it expire 

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