Valentina Berthelon Graduation Project

On Connection
Mix media Installation / VR Experience
Year | 2023
Duration 15 mins Loop

On Connection is a multimedia installation that explores speculative approaches to human-nature relationships, shaping space to tune in with our emotional states and our environment. We invite the participant to embark on a multi-sensory experience, to connect with the metaphor of the Tree as Axis Mundi. This symbol is found in many cultures around the world and represents a link between the spiritual and physical worlds. Combining science fiction elements, symbols, and soundscapes a ritualistic experience is created. The tree is a symbolic portal to access the common consciousness and knowledge stored in its body and electric brunches, which resembles the blood vessel systems of the human body as well as technological systems like the internet network. Hybrid mythological beings will embody diverse perspectives of the human and non-human worlds, developing a connecting link to greater cycles of the universe. The sound journey incorporates voices and ancestral live instruments to guide us through an immersive experience, impacting our senses through specific frequencies and stimulating inner vision.