Exhibition, Film, Performances 
Fri, Jan. 12  –  Sun, Jan. 14, 2024
Vernissage Friday, 6 pm at silent green, Betonhalle
The exhibition showcases recent works from the Art and Media study program at the Berlin University of the Arts, featuring films, installations and performances from Experimental Film and Media Art, (Prof. Nina Fischer), Generative Art (Prof. Alberto de Campo / Visiting Prof. Echo Ho), Narrative Film  (Prof. Thomas Arslan), Moving Image (Visiting Prof. Kathi Kaeppel), and New Media VK (Visiting Prof. Agnes Meyer-Brandis).

Opening Hours
Vernissage on January 12, 2024, at 6 pm
Friday, January 12, 2024, 6 – 11 pm
Saturday, January 13, 2024, 12 – 11 pm
Sunday, January 14, 2024, 12 – 8 pm

silent green
Gerichtstraße 35
13347 Berlin 

Kohei Kimura

MIZUTAMARI—The Puddle—, 2022

Acrylic, electronic circuit, aluminum, LED, wood

Water contains various effects and expressions, which can be freely manipulated and incorporated into an infinite number of sculptural elements. The eternity and contingency inherent in water create the sensations and possibilities of a sudden change in known reality. Through MIZUTAMARI in which water, light coexist, the viewer can experience a sense of scale, illusion and discomfort.

Suah Im

Disappeared bear woman Schnah, 2023

Video Installation, 5:30 min

The project Bear Woman: Transformation of Identity and Self-Image is a media-artistic investigation into the determination of identity based on a Korean national founding myth (the mythological figure Ungnyeo 웅녀 熊女 by Dangun Wanggeom) and the processes of identification with external influences in a multicultural society and the associated transformation and faceting of identity.

Latenter Raum(August Guccione, Clemens Hornemann, Phil Hagen Jungschlaeger, Leon Etienne Kühr, Joel Schäfer, Elisabeth Scholz, Torben Samuli Zsagar)


Interactive sound Installation, pcb boards, pc hardware, wiper motors

In the midst of digitalization, circuit boards have become intricately woven into our daily digital experiences. We come in contact not only with scarce materials but also electronic waste. Despite living in an era of dematerialization, KONTAKT contrasts the inner workings of a computer with its fleeting nature. Within this contrast, a soundscape composed of digital and mechanical sounds emerges.

Ran Ren

The Joy of Fish, 2023

Video installation, 07:17 min, loop

This piece is about the relation between 物我 (things and I) under Dao philosophy. The video attempts to create eye contact between aquarium fish and the I in the way of human binocular vision. Through reflecting on the philosophical debate of do we know the joy of fish, it attempts to evoke a state of 忘我 (lost myself), inquiring into the subjectivity of things.

Juyeong Park

Don’t flfloat, you should swim, and just ride!, 2023

Video installation, color, sound (stereo), 25:34 min

The work consists of various footage, recorded in three different time scales. The poetic narrative, which takes the form of a letter, binds them into one. It delivers not only a retrospection of questions that remained from the past but also from the future. In the same sense, the three movements referenced in the title are the metaphorically exemplified ways of struggling against nihilism and depression in everyday life.

Hibiki Ishijima

Cultivate my/our garden, 2023

Documentary Installation

»We must cultivate our garden.« is the final line of Candide by Voltaire. It’s said that the line encourages us to take practical actions against optimism. Cultivating your garden is autonomy, care, and an act of resistance. This documentary installation is based on interviews with people working on feminist creative activism. Their personal stories might be seeds that grow someplace.

Elisabeth Scholz

The world is your oyster, 2023

Video, 1080 p, 2:26 min

Cracking the shell and severing an oyster’s sphincter is equivalent to breaking a vertebrate’s spine, a fatal act. Consuming the oyster as a luxury and extracting its pearl involves violence and violation, mirroring the overexploitation of women in capitalist systems. With this analogy, The world is your oyster explores the fetishization of opulence and the morals of profiteering.

hayate kobayashi

Appeartus, 2023

Installation, performance, 7:00 min

Not poetry reading, but poetry riding. In Appeartus, murmurers are invited to poetry riding, where they compose poems and capture the transition of Asian immigrants’ identities through cycling. When they mutter, their mouth is projected onto the ground, which functions as a bicycle light. The dynamic, desperate, literally migrating words arise and are recorded.

Maya Erin Masuda

The Borderers, 2023

Video/Installation, 10:00 min

The artist feeds both the footage of the skin abnormalities of animals seen in nuclear catastrophe, and satellite images of polluted land around the world to an AI, to generate a skin of an imaginary Land. Drawing on the artist’s own experience in Fukushima, an anonymous skin poses questions concerning the Anthropocene, pain and intimacy in the foreseeable future.

Daeun Joo

Very Ambiguous Entity, 2023

Installation, sound sculpture, video, book

The work title is a direct translation of the scientific name of an imagined species, Perobscuromonas. The artist created this species based on her own genome (DNA) and appearances of certain organoids (simplified versions of organs). The artist tells its story through interconnected artworks, a book <Lost Memories>, a video <Déjà vu>, and a sound sculpture series <Inevitable Whispers>.

Lisa Hoffffmann

Screentesting (ghosts are made of bedsheets), 2021

4-channel video installation, 32:21 min, loop

Exploring the tension between materialization and decomposition in bodily, narrative, material and ecological dimensions, ghostly images are projected onto bio screens crafted by the artist in biodegradable materials. They constitute the installation space as a domestic environment permeated by lensbased encounters, written notes and a video performance conceived with video conferencing software.

Valentina Berthelon

On Connection, 2023

Installation, 20 min, loop

On Connection invites the participants to embark on an immersive meditative experience, exploring the
metaphor of the tree as a portal to access the collective consciousness and knowledge stored in its body
and electric branches, which resemble the human vascular system as well as complex technological networks
such as the internet. This work is a collaboration with sound artist Flora Päär.

Yujin Song

Beta Escape, 2023

2-Channel video installation, sculpture, 10:00 min

Sensation is defined by its nature as being tied to life, meaning it is experienced exclusively within the
physical living realm. Evolved from the human mind, the expansive ‘Digital’ runs free, eternally out of grasp.
Like Yoga Nidra, in which a practitioner visualizes their own body and awakens a slumbering vitality,
the virtual being yearns for the verve of the universe from which it came.

Nerya Shohat Silberberg

Column, March!, 2022

Video Installation

The installation relates to Berlin’s Siegessäule, Victoria-Goldelse, and the concept of stretch, while referring to Albert Speer’s architectural intervention in the column, among others, by elevating it using an architectural drum. Column, March! suggests a rethinking of the dominating public space national victory symbol, its contemporary relevance, and its historical-cultural subtexts.

Vinzenz Aubry

Conjunction, 2023

Dome, conjunction maps

A generative movie dealing with the increasing problem of space debris. Similar to a planetarium, the debris orbiting our Earth is visualized and sonified in a dome projection. In this environment, recurring constellations are programmatically identified as new man-made constellations, telling potential stories about the future cultures of our planet.

Stratos Bichakis

Scheintür, 2023

Audiovisual installation

Scheintür is an installation mixing digital processes with biological data, using EEG signals (electroencephalography) from meditation sessions. It forms a content deprivation capsule, in which intra-action creates scenarios of attunement. It becomes the threshold for a contemplative experience. An equally spiritual and technological gesture of annihilation.