Lisa Hoffmann, Graduation Project

Lisa Hoffmann, Graduation Project

Screentesting: ( ghosts are made of bedsheets )

4-channel video-installation on 5 Bioscreens, loop; 2021

Screentesting: ( ghosts are made of bedsheets ) is a visual-material essay-installation exploring the tension between materialization and decomposition in a bodily, narrative, material and ecological sense.

Based on the question of ephemerality in the context of the mass extinction in the so-called Anthropocene and the paradoxical durability of the materials and narratives that brought it about, the work is a personal reflection of a state between supposed immateriality and real transience.

Ghostly images are projected onto Bioscreens. These images are constituting the installation space as a  domestic and private environment, made of scanned body parts, written notes and a video performance conceived in a Webex (an online conference application) space. The Bioscreens are self-made, compostable bioplastics with different qualities and irregularities that interact with and alter the moving images. The project is clearly anchored in process, experiment and material.

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