Suah Im Graduation Project

My master student project >Bärenfrau: Wandlung von Identität und Selbstbild< is a media-artistic investigation of the determination of identity based on a national founding myth and the processes of identification with external influences in a multicultural society and the associated transformation and faceting of identity and has two objectives.
Firstly, my identity is to be reinterpreted in the context of media art based on the Korean national founding myth (the story of Dangun Wanggeom, the founder of the first nation state called ‘Go-Joseon’ of the Korean people). On the other hand, my identity will also be considered in the context of my everyday life and daily encounters/interactions with my surroundings and fellow human beings in order to find out how my identity can be defined in a multi-cultural society that is very multifaceted and at the same time highly dynamic and exerts overwhelming influences on me