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Exhibition, Film, Performances  Fri, Jan. 12  –  Sun, Jan. 14, 2024 Vernissage Friday, 6 pm at silent green, Betonhalle

Suah Im Graduation Project

My master student project >Bärenfrau: Wandlung von Identität und Selbstbild< is a media-artistic investigation of the determination of identity based on a national founding myth and the processes of identification with external influences in a multicultural society and the associated transformation and faceting of identity and has two objectives. Firstly,

Rundgang SoSe 23

As with every end of the summer semster, the students show their works at Rundgang. Medienhaus has opened its doors to welcome curators and curious guest. The classrooms are open to the public and each room exhibits the most recent works of the students, which they made over the course

Fang Tsai Graduation Project

Fang Nahweh: The Unreachable Years | 2023 Material | Kinect camera, monitors, computer Length | Loop In German Fernweh describes a feeling of desire to go to a faraway place, a desire toward the Fern. On the other hand, it also contains the meaning of escaping the desert of the

Özcan Ertek Graduation Project

Öskan Ertek Devil’s Rope barbed wire, turnbuckle, speaker, amplifier, MAX, arduino, microphone stand, For over a century, barbed wire has been utilized extensively to demarcate territorial boundaries and define spaces, such as fields, pastures, urban areas, factories, military barracks, and countries. “Devil’s Rope,” employs barbed wire as a medium to

Juan Pablo Gaviria Graduation Project

Juan Pablo Gaviria Juan Pablo Gaviria The voice, heard in chorus, recites a text about the straight sun, a solar event that happens in the tropics twice a year, disappearing the shadows of dazzled objects. Dilated eyes observe the actions of bodies that amplify digestion processes. The green plantain, metaphor