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The woman who flew into space from her apartment

Seminar imparted by Nina Fisher and Curator Vanina Saracino in Sommer Semester 2022 at Floating University. The woman who flew into space from her apartment will unfold as a non-exhaustive survey of female perspectives on science fiction in literature, cinema, and visual arts, attempting to highlight the unique narratives of

Excursion to Screen City Biennial In Berlin: Other Minds

Screen City Biennial (SCB) Other Minds looks into the liminal states of consciousness that arise in the symbiotic relationship between the human mind and that of other living and non-living matter—including plants, bacteria, fungi, and technology. The project interrogates and challenges the notion of the human, embracing instead an idea

Rundgang 2022

As with every end of the summer semster, the students show their works at Rundgang. Medienhaus has opened its doors to welcome curators and curious guest. The classrooms are open to the public and each room exhibits the most recent works of the students, which they made over the course

Art, Research, and Ecology – what is it like to be a non-human being?

The seminar with Eiko Soga introduces an idea of animistic gestures as ecological practices. Soga first introduces her experiences and learnings through art projects engaging with an indigenous community in Hokkaido, Japan called the Ainu. The students are then invited to explore bodily understanding of non-human beings and discuss making

Smooth Operator- Gimbal Workshop with Lilli Kuschel

A gimbal is a device to stabilize cameras with the help of inbuilt motors and sensors, to get fluid and smooth video footage while moving the camera through space. In this practical camera workshop we practiced the workflow of a filmshooting using a gimbal and smaller digital cameras: mounting and balancing the camera on

Expanded Reality Worlds II Workshop mit Kathrin Hunze

Expanded Reality Worlds II  Workshop, Kathrin Hunze Mit Expanded Reality (XR) ist ein Überbegriff gemeint der für Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) und Mixed Reality (MR) Technologien steht.In dem zweiten Teil dieses Seminars werden wir in Expanded Realities eintauchen und deren verschiedene Formen (VR, AR, MR) als künstlerische Ausdruckform

Kohei Kimura Graduation Project

MIZUTAMARI – the Puddle – Installation, Size: 2500×2000×2000, Material: Aluminium, Acryl, LED Under the theme of ‘Adventures in Perception’, she uses light and sound on material ‘phenomena’ such as gravity and water and everyday ‘products’ to discover ‘something’ that could not be seen in themselves, and creates works from a

Oliver Ressler Podcast

Oliver Ressler is an artist and filmmaker working with installations, projects in public space, and films focused on economics, democracy, migration, the climate crisis, forms of resistance, and the possibility of social alternatives. Since 2019 Ressler has directed Barricading the Ice Sheets, a research project on the climate justice movement,

Rundgang 2021

The exhibition Another Matter by the Experimental Film and Media Art Class, held at Acud Gallery in July 2021, explored new ways of relating to the more-than-human and inquired into the social, material, and aesthetic conditions of the so-called Anthropocene. The exhibited works examined matters of concern beyond anthropocentrism, following