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Workshop with Pedro Risse

Many thanks to Pedro Risse for last weeks workshop about body and space sensitivity at the Floating University site as part of the seminar “The woman who flew into space from her apartment: SF worldbuilding from a feminist perspective”, of Nina Fischer and Vanina Saracino  What does what I do

Oxford-UdK Berlin Partnership in Arts and Humanities Podcast

Interview with Artist Eiko Soga and Historian Amanda Power in conversation with UdK Class Experimental Film and Media Art Our speaker today is Eiko Soga in conversation with the experimental Film and Media Art class at the University of the Arts. In this three part series we showcase research projects


Eine Demonstration für die Künste. In einem Kreis mit einem Durchmesser von 2020 Metern um den UdK-Standort Hardenbergstraße 33 werden über einen Zeitraum von 24 Stunden künstlerische Begegnungen und Interventionen zwischen Künstler*innen der UdK Berlin und den Berliner*innen stattfinden.  Im Rahmen dieser Aktion zeigen am Do 16. Juli ab 21.45 Uhr Studierende

Creating madness: mind, machine and culture

  Dr. Marjan Sharifi How do we model normality? What does it mean to be mentally ill – to have a “false belief” of the world? During this seminar we will explore the concept of madness through the narratives of culture, and technology. In conjunction, we will consider and question

Methexis : On Site–Sensitivity and Its Entanglements I

With Marina Fokidis Within two weeks end of November, we were discussing with the curator Marina Fokidis different concepts that are related to the term Methexis. Methexis (from Ancient Greek) can be translated as „the unaccountable“. The term describes a form of theatre in which the audience participates and improvises, as

Interview with Christian Jankoswsky at VAM

Poster-Image: © Ed Atkins, 2016 Videoart at Midnight – Campus 15 to 16 Dec 2018 As a collaboration, students from HGB Leipzig, Art University Kassel and Berlin University of the Arts launched a series of panel discussions with renowned artists in the field of time-based media. The Students’ Campus provides