Workshop with Pedro Risse

Many thanks to Pedro Risse for last weeks workshop about body and space sensitivity at the Floating University site as part of the seminar “The woman who flew into space from her apartment: SF worldbuilding from a feminist perspective”, of Nina Fischer and Vanina Saracino¬†

What does what I do do to me? How are perception and action connected? How do different body states and the use of the senses change our perception of the environment? How do we become aware of the invitations of the environment, its things and beings and what they do to me?In this workshop, we will use the spaces of the Floating University to engage in somatic-aesthetic practices that allow us to modulate the relationship between body and environment, thereby challenging conventional understandings of the relationships between agent and object, and self and world. These body-environment awareness exercises will help us perceive the active dimension of the perceptual process and potentially expand our responsiveness repertoire. Through an embodied and affective engagement with the Floating University environment, we will also explore how to find ways to describe these subtle experiences and train our skills of non-interpretive reflection. Awareness that we are actively shaping our perceptual process gives us the opportunity to own our responsibility in our relationship to the environment, its phenomena and beings.


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