Methexis : On Site–Sensitivity and Its Entanglements I

With Marina Fokidis

Within two weeks end of November, we were discussing with the curator Marina Fokidis different concepts that are related to the term Methexis. 
Methexis (from Ancient Greek) can be translated as „the unaccountable“. The term describes a form of theatre in which the audience participates and improvises, as well as the relation between the particular and the platonic form in Philosophy. Together we approached a possible definition of Methexis by mapping and discussing related topics, such as site-sensitivity, the construction of identity, un-learning, colonial structures, …This process was informed by input from Marina, different readings, artworks and films. In the course of the seminar, she introduced us to her work with the Kunsthalle Athena and the South as a State of Mind magazine and gave an insight to the current situation in Greece and Greek positions in arts and culture. Together we visited Savvy Contemporary where we met the founder and artistic director Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, and the exhibition The Most Dangerous Game at HKW Berlin, where we talked to Anselm Franke, Head of Visual Arts and Film. 
Collectively we produced a series of five pairs of posters that reflect our discourse on Methexis and took it out of the classroom to the public sphere of the university building.
Marina Fokidis is a curator and writer based in Athens/Greece. In 2014 she was appointed Head of the Artistic Office, Athens and curatorial advisor for documenta 14. She is the founding and artistic director of Kunsthalle Athena, an experimental platform and exhibition space, and South as a State of Mind, a thematic arts and culture magazine.