Aaike Stuart – Quake + Stone Works

Stone Works and Quake – explore current relations to media technology, or better, to the outside world through media technology. Both, moving and photographic imagery has been obtained from the web and transferred to physical objects. Causing them to get distorted, cracked and shaken up. Due to the application of natural forces, Aaike Stuart examines materiality in the digital age.


The video installation Quake is an attempt to stabilize video footage of the 2015 Nepal earthquake in a physical manner by setting the projector into counter-movement, using a subwoofer. Being a form of ‘expanded cinema’, Quake addresses the interactions between the moving image, projection space and media technology.

Dimensions of the installation: 48 x 48 x 125 cm

Size of the projection: 125 x 70 cm

Length of loop: 9 minutes

Materials: Beamer, subwoofer, amplifier, media player, steel construction, wood, aluminium, concrete

Installation view: https://vimeo.com/279982848


Stone Works

For the series Stone Works I have transferred found images to rocks. The ‘printed’ stones connect two types of storage media – the digital image and earth’s interior – and completely different notions of time.

In the work, the rocks give a weight and a third dimension to the digital images. Their rough surface is a sign of life in the dead world of the digital image: ever smoother, ever sharper, shadowless, and flawless.

Display of ca. 25 fractured rocks (about 25 x 25 x 25 cm each)