Hara Shin Graduation Project

Mouthless Dialogue

single-channel video, 6:07 min., 2019

Technology and digital imaging allow us to optimise alternative experiences to satisfy a certain absence in reality. The optimised state is simulated in the scope of artificial alternatives such as artificial sun-lighting for light therapy, machine-made nature sounds to relax the body and mind, ASMR and cosmic and natural images, screensaver-like, on the computer screen. The human psyche encounters the vulnerable and subtle tension of reality surrounded by technical illusions.

Mouthless Dialogue, Still
Mouthless Dialogue, still

Immaterial Mapping

single-channel video, 11:11 min., 2018

As an experiment in digital topography, the scenes drift along within the cognitive space — habitats and spheres of actions in nature, cities and cyberspace. By using the greenscreen technique, images of various textures such as bubble, clay, sand, stones, plastic, glass, and plants consecutively interact with real and virtual spaces to perceive spatial impression and their incomplete localisation. By reflecting on the possibility of drifting between perceived space and real space in the digital era, the work deals with an expanded sense of space and a disorientation in between those spaces.

Immaterial Mapping, still
Immaterial Mapping, still


installation, single channel video, silent, 5:22 min., loop, digital colour-print, smartphone, 3D-printed model, acrylic box, sand, artificial grass floor decking, air pump hose, stainless steel ball, silicon,

dimension variable, 2019

Hyper-Collective is an image collection of synthetics. It presents a synthetic landscape consisting of artificial body and imitation nature. They partially mimic the body and nature to perform their given roles and form a temporal collective. The ambivalence about their existential meaning and uselessness hinders contextualising between the technical and the organic.

Hyper-Collective, installation view
Hyper-Collective, installation view