Ding! * Mengxuan Sun

Ding! * Mengxuan Sun
Audiovisual Live Performance
SS 2019 Graduation Project
The growing visual language of digital technology and the Internet in the physical world has created an endless landscape. In addition to the landscape, the relationship changed by the network provide people a shared utopian vision. Everything can be shared and consumed.
Nowadays human beings have adapted to the world which symbiosis with human race and intelligent machines. The human body becomes an interface that connects reality and virtuality. Human beings are no longer considered to be natural objects that God has made with clay. Humans make machines and parasitic on machines. The machine becomes an extension of the human body.

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Ding! * Mengxuan Sun

So how do our actions in the virtual world reflect back to our physical space? Technological advances and the development of the Internet have changed the way people live, act, and behave. Nowadays payment in China has changed a lot. Almost everyone has Mobile wallet, and just scan the QR code on the phone, you can pay everything. Even the slogan called “scan scan, easy to pay”. QR code appears in every corner in our society: in front of the squat, on the seat of the sharing bicycle, the door of the church, before the incense of the temple.

Internet allows each user to accept and generate a new identity when interacting with others. So is our identity flowing? The question is : Who are we? user? sporsor? producer? Or just a product? People are willing to put their personal data on social media. The Social media company sells data of users as merchandise. If o, does everyone have an invisible code? everything can be a QR code or a barcode? In what way does the code coexist with our body? I bring these questions to try to build a beautiful vision of my future. And this vision is based on the physical space we exist. Just like the future is happening to us, not what we created.

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