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| “corona’s lockdown: a scientific experiment on climate” |

Interview with Climate Impact Researcher Chen Chris Gong in conversation with UdK Class Experimental Film and Media Art Last year in the beginning of corona`s Lockdown we started a year of digital encounters. We met various scientists, artists and experts which inspired us to look at our surroundings in a more sensed way. During the Seminar “New forms of research” which was conceived by Christina Landbrecht and Prof. Nina Fischer we focused on what the shutdown has done to our perception of time and space. And together we tried to understand what role of the artist could be at this moment. Art Historian Christina Landbrecht has been Head

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With Marina Fokidis Within two weeks end of November, we were discussing with the curator Marina Fokidis different concepts that are related to the term Methexis. Methexis (from Ancient Greek) can be translated as „the unaccountable“. The term describes a form of theatre in which the audience participates and improvises, as well as the relation between the particular and the platonic form in Philosophy. Together we approached a possible definition of Methexis by mapping and discussing related topics, such as site-sensitivity, the construction of identity, un-learning, colonial structures, …This process was informed by input from Marina, different readings, artworks and films. In

documenta in Kassel

After visiting its Greek counterpart in May, we went to see the Documenta in Kassel from June 27th to 29th 2017. According to the exhibition guide, the artists exposed in the Neue Neue Galerie, one of the main venues located in a former post office and mail distribution center, work with the axes between Kassel and Athens as lines of departure and arrival. A good place for us to start and to refresh memories of Athens. Unfortunately, it mainly brought back the bad memories. Again, like in Athens, I felt like walking through an encyclopedia of the world searching for

Visiting documenta 14 in Athens

[Show thumbnails] From the 15th to the 22nd of May the Experimental Film Class went to Athens to visit the 14th version of Documenta and to understand more the topics of translocation and specific place discussed previously in Berlin. During the week, the already dislocative nature of Adam Szymczyk’s proposal made us transit across the city looking for the decentralized venues where several events were taking place. From the Benaki Museum, the Athens School of Arts, EMST and the Odeon Athens Conservatory – where most of the pieces were gathered – to the Parko Eleftherias, the Greek Film Archive, the

PLAY! Neue Arbeiten aus dem Studiengang Kunst und Medien, Volksbühne

Am 16. Januar 2017 präsentierte der Studiengang Kunst und Medien, Universität der Künste Berlin, audiovisuelle Performances, Film- und Videoarbeiten, Installationen und Objekte in der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. PLAY! Neue Arbeiten aus dem Studiengang Kunst und Medien Die Lehre in Kunst und Medien findet im Spannungsfeld zwischen künstlerischem Experiment, Forschung und der Auseinandersetzung mit zeitbasierten technischen Medien statt. Dieses Studienmodell hat das Ziel, in einem interdisziplinär vernetzten Kontext neue Perspektiven künstlerischer Autor_innenschaft und Praxis entstehen zu lassen.

Klassenreise Düsseldorf

[Show thumbnails] Am 29.11.2016 machte sich die Klasse Experimenteller Film / Medienkunst auf den Weg zu einer zweitägigen Exkursion nach Düsseldorf. Erstes Ziel war die Julia Stoschek Collection in der Schanzenstraße. Seit 2007 existiert die Sammlung für zeitbasierte Medienkunst in Düsseldorf. In Ergänzung zum Düsseldorfer Standort wurde 2016 auch eine Dependance in Berlin eröffnet. Wir wurden durch die aktuellen Ausstellungen im Haus geführt, beginnend im 2.OG mit der großformatigen Videoinstallation “Factory of the Sun” von Hito Steyerl. Mit Unterstützung der Julia Stoschek Collection wurde diese auf der Biennale in Venedig 2015 im Deutschen Pavillon erstmalig gezeigt. In einer anschließenden Diskussion sprachen wir gemeinsam über den gesehenen Film und dessen Rezeptions- und Präsentationsweise/n und

Common Ground – Places of Community

[Show thumbnails] In this seminar by Lilli Kuschel and class excursion to Sauen art and film students from the UdK worked together with refugees from similar backgrounds to produce an interactive collaborative film. The theme of the workshop was Community, with an emphasis on urban spaces where new forms of community are being developed. We visited several newly established communities and communal projects in Berlin such as the Agora Collective, the Z/KU (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) and we went to the emergency shelter at Tempelhof airport. Collectives, collaborations and communities. Through the examination of terms such as migration, escape