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Julia Rosenstock Graduation Project

Meadow of carnivore plants, 2021 Mixed media, two-channel installation, 10 min loop, 85 × 55 × 165 cm Sound in collaboration with Lukas Mogwitz, voice by Josie Haar, sound technical assistance by Simon Schötz Venus flytrap [Dionaea muscipula]: carnivorous, rhizome-forming, grows in nutrient-poor soil, depends on periodic natural fires every 3–5 years. Who said anything about winning? Tell me tales of plants that grow somewhere else than up. Does it exist if it doesn’t fit your expectations? Show me what lies underneath the rendering of progress. As the surface is peeling, can you feel the pressure? I’ve heard that good destruction requires

Hana Yoo Master Project

Chambers, 2021 There were animals before machines, and before humans. Before machine takes some of the humans’ role it was substituting animals, and before humans experiment with machines they did with animals. As it seems their relationship is inextricably entangled in each other, they are, in fact, each other – partially or entirely. Having this complex ontology, humans have been inevitably anthropomorphizing animals and machines to understand them and also to understand the human self, which shapes again an intricate ecology of empathy. My project here examines these ecologies and aims to create a new type of non-hierarchical co-existence. The

Anan Yoon Lee Master Project

Stick Bugged Speed Run 2021- ongoing Multi channel installation of a real time simulation PC, monitors, fitness mat loop This work is about speculative creatures, which are animated and automated by the machine learning algorithm. The Installation displays a real-time simulation of the AI agents athletics. The 6-legged agents are learning themselves to walk forward as fast as possible. According to the rule of Reinforcement learning, it will get rewarded when it moves faster and longer without failing down. The agents keep learning, heading to the invisible goal, but respawning at starting point endlessly before they reach the end of

Lisa Hoffmann Graduation Project

Screentesting: ( ghosts are made of bedsheets ) 4-channel video installation on 5 Bioscreens, loop (30min31), 2021 Screentesting: ( ghosts are made of bedsheets ) is a visual-material essay-installation exploring the tension between materialization and decomposition in a bodily, narrative, material and ecological sense. Based on the question of ephemerality in the context of the mass extinction in the so-called Anthropocene and the paradoxical durability of the materials and narratives that brought it about, the work is a personal reflection of a state between supposed immateriality and real transience. Ghostly images are projected onto Bioscreens. These images constitute the installation space as

Nik Mantilla Master Project

PANDEMONIUM (2021) 4-Channel video installation, 6:30 min, Size: variable. This four-channel video installation is a visual conglomerate of the year 2020 and its events. The shown footage is merged in such way that it provokes each viewer to live through the incidences that by now have become part of a collectively shared memory. For further info: https://www.instagram.com/mantilla4k/ Viewing links + Passwords upon request.

Hara Shin Master Project

Spiral Slime and Oblique Ellipse, 2021 Spiral Slime and Oblique Ellipseis a VR work of a sticky-textured landscape. The camera moves between the two spheres in the 360° environment. Because the moving distance of the camera, the moving speed and the moving image in each sphere, and the length of the sound are different, subtly different sceneries can be seen. From wind, water detected from surrounding objects, and enlarged cells, viruses, and particles to zoomed-out depictions of Earth, cosmos, and planets, the images shown in the video exist without any hierarchy of size and alter the distinctions between human-centered subjects

Anan Yoon Lee Graduation Project

High Dynamic Range Planetary Rendering 2 channel video installation 13:17 2020 “High Dynamic Range Planetary Rendering” is a compilation video of the gazing ball, which situated in various times and spots through the history. These spheres became so widely used in so many settings, these pretty, all-round utility ornament acquired many titles – from ordinary garden ornament to the emblem of the global consciousness. They are observed, depicted on Vanitas painting, pounded/polished night and day until it becomes perfect mirror-shiny but crushed effortlessly, photographed, rendered in CGI, inflated and celebrated in Nevada desert and launched into space. In the end,

Nik Mantilla Graduation Project

DESTROY ME BABY ONE MORE TIME 2020 2-Channel video installation, 35min, Size: variable This video piece illustrates an alternative view onto pop culture and terrorism. How come that both of these categories solely live from the screen time they get on todays media? Britney Spears and Osama Bin Laden serve as exemplary icons contrasting each other in their intentions, desires and radical depictions.

Maryna Makarenko Graduation Project

Walking on a Sleeping Elk 2020 shortfilm, 3-channel installation, colour, sound, objects, 32:55 min Stalkers are part of the subculture that emerged in the post-soviet countries in the 1990s. It was influenced by the post-apocalyptic fiction, film Stalker from Andrei Tarkovsky and the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Stalkers are individuals, mostly young men, who illegally go to the “zones”,- abandoned places that are forgotten, purposely hidden, invisible. A physical zone becomes a portal to the inner immaterial zone, where dreams, fears and desires merge together. Stalkers go through this as a process of initiation to become a better version of themselves. The

Dariia Kuzmych Graduation Project

YOUR RENTAL CONTRACT HAS BEEN TERMINATED 2020 Multimedia spatial installation Sound design by Heinali and Alexey Shmurak (Kyiv, Ukraine) Documentation by Victoria Pidust «Your rental contract has been terminated» is a spatial installation, in which different fragments of temporary living spaces compose a hybrid structure of being-home. Sunbeams on the wall, drawings, sketches, sticky notes and a laptop are transient anchors in this structure.   Method of connecting spaces. Draft for the installation You enter a closed space that looks a bit like a living and work room. Work has been interrupted, the room is deserted. A search for traces of

Kathrin Hunze Master Project

“Training your best Friend: A character test” 2020 2 Channel, 8:16 min, loop, Videoinstallation In the work “Training your best Friend: A character test ” the co-evolutionary relationship between human and machine is examined. Whether there is a co-evolutionary process between human and machine, and how a co-evolution between human and machine behaves, is reflected on the basis of the historical background and future significance of the battle tank. Tanks are declared dead every few years, but do not disappear from the contemporary arsenal of weapons. Will the tank of the future perhaps have a completely different form in the

Mengxuan Sun Master Project

Tiān Yá Gòng Cǐ Shí — “ we share this moment together ”  2020 VR, interactive website Is a short sentence from an ancient Chinese poem. The original text is “ 海 上升明月,天涯共此时” As the bright moon shines over the sea, from far away you share this moment with me. (“TIAN YA” means the end of the earth or Every Corner of the world.) The Chinese thought behind this sentence implies that no matter where we are, we are looking at each other through the same medium. This sentence originated before the internet but can be applied also applies to our

Marina Höxter Graduation Project

The shape of an island, 2020 Υδρέα (Hydrea). Super-8 film loop, colour, silent, 4′ 16”, (2019) Fallen citrus. Pigment print on paper, 75 x 112 cm Scattered debris, Hydronetta. Pigment print on paper, 75 x 112 cm Moni Profitou Iliou. Pigment print on paper, 75 x 112 cm Notes on an Island. Magnetic tape loop, 6′ 29” The shape of an island is a multi-media installation which reflects a brief experience of observation, during a seven-day journey to Hydra, Greece. Taking as a starting point the idea of an island as a geographic, sensory and symbolic hiatus in a given

Hana Yoo Graduation Project

Splendour in the glass 4K, color, stereo, 17:17min. 2020 The project started with an article published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Russia under the title ‘VR test for cows on farms near Moscow’, which describes an experiment conducted to cattle in a dairy farm, showing a virtual image of peaceful grassland with a customized VR headset. The article implies that the VR experiment reduces the anxiety of cow and has shown a possible increase in milk production. While examining the contested utopia and anxiety of digital nature, the work imagines virtual meadow that the cow might see

Dovilė Aleksaitė Graduation Project

Let’s talk about the weather 2019 Single channel video installation, 12:07 min, loop A video explores a desire to control one’s surrounding environment and predict the future. A fictional weather forecast introduces the viewer through a succesion of weather events—rain, wind or growth of grass—and different emotional states. In this work Aleksaite combines Beaufort`s scale of wind with a David R. Hawkins scale of emotions: High vibrating emotions come together with a light wind and the wind gets stronger as the emotions as anger or shame come along.

Kathrin Hunze Graduation Project

6-headed constellation: Concept, live visuals: Kathrin Hunze, live computer music: Katharina Hauke, Alberto de Campo, Hannes Hoelzl, Isak Han, Dominik Hildebrand. 2019   The audiovisual performance ‘Singularis’ deals with biological and information technology granular processes in the social context. We undergo unconscious or conscious self-control through Quantified Self management and evolve into improved, elevated people. This process can be described as a singularization of man. Singularis is a Granalysator in which collected biological matter is scanned into point clouds and through an audiovisual granular system is transformed into synthetic bodies. Through the Granalysator emerges an artificially created mesocosmos. “A high-resolution

Hara Shin Graduation Project

Mouthless Dialogue single-channel video, 6:07 min., 2019 Technology and digital imaging allow us to optimise alternative experiences to satisfy a certain absence in reality. The optimised state is simulated in the scope of artificial alternatives such as artificial sun-lighting for light therapy, machine-made nature sounds to relax the body and mind, ASMR and cosmic and natural images, screensaver-like, on the computer screen. The human psyche encounters the vulnerable and subtle tension of reality surrounded by technical illusions.   Immaterial Mapping single-channel video, 11:11 min., 2018 As an experiment in digital topography, the scenes drift along within the cognitive space —

Mengxuan Sun Graduation Project

Audiovisual Live Performance The growing visual language of digital technology and the Internet in the physical world has created an endless landscape. In addition to the landscape, the relationship changed by the network provide people a shared utopian vision. Everything can be shared and consumed. Nowadays human beings have adapted to the world which symbiosis with human race and intelligent machines. The human body becomes an interface that connects reality and virtuality. Human beings are no longer considered to be natural objects that God has made with clay. Humans make machines and parasitic on machines. The machine becomes an extension

Aaike Stuart Master Project

Stone Works and Quake – explore current relations to media technology, or better, to the outside world through media technology. Both, moving and photographic imagery has been obtained from the web and transferred to physical objects. Causing them to get distorted, cracked and shaken up. Due to the application of natural forces, Aaike Stuart examines materiality in the digital age.   Quake The video installation Quake is an attempt to stabilize video footage of the 2015 Nepal earthquake in a physical manner by setting the projector into counter-movement, using a subwoofer. Being a form of ‘expanded cinema’, Quake addresses the interactions

Silke Schwarz Master Project

Ode und Ich untersucht die Macht der Inszenierung, der Kontrolle und den Körper als kritische Masse. In der Installation wird unser Begehren nach Perfektionierung, Idealen und Körperkult aufgegriffen. Es werden durch Demontage, Überspitzung, Verfremdung und Überlagerung stereotypische Repräsentationen hinterfragt und die Vereinheitlichung unseres Individualisierungszwangs beleuchtet. Ode and I examines the power of staging, control and the body as a critical mass. In the installation our desire for perfection, ideals and body cult is getting centered. Through disassembly, exaggeration, alienation and superimposition, stereotypical representations and the compulsion of our individualization are questioned.     Ode und Ich Installation, 2018 Audio 8:15,

Sabrina Labis graduation project

[Show thumbnails] Graduation Project KuM, 2017 Sabrina Labis A Personal Color Correction (2017) Experimental Video, 05:22 min The video ‘A Personal Color Correction’ deals with different aspects of color in film and the transformation from analog to digital techniques of color correction. The work specifically focuses on the role of women in film production and is an homage to all female film colorists who were an important part of the early film industry. Finally this video ‘corrects’ the male-dominated documentation of film history in a personal and subjective way. Studio (2017) Neon Light, 27×10 cm ‘Studio’ is a place of

The Circle, the Triangle, the Rectangle and the Crossing

[Show thumbnails] The Circle, the Triangle, the Rectangle and the Crossing is an attempt to decompose the stereoscopic image into its essential parts, in an analogue way, without its aura of being spearhead technology. Six projectors in a triangular structure create one single image in a screen in front of them: A crossing of roads. After having filmed the movement with two cameras situated one next to the other —simulating the distance between the eyes as in a human face —, each of these films is separated into three channels —red, green and blue, or RGB—. The films of each

Graduation project from Eleanor Jones

[Show thumbnails] Eleanor Jones AI in Arcadia, 2016 This was a two-part work presented in a performance lecture and a double screen video installation. The performance lecture addresses the vulnerability of the artist’s body and the performance of proving one’s “body of work” to the judge of an audience, in this case an examination context. She attempted to deconstruct the constraints of an artist’s presentation, with silent performance, narrative, and critical analysis. Without voice, the body of the artist acts as a semantic channel with which the audience are forced to engage in decoding meaning throughout the presentation. This plays