Art, Research, and Ecology – what is it like to be a non-human being?

The seminar with Eiko Soga introduces an idea of animistic gestures as ecological practices. Soga first introduces her experiences and learnings through art projects engaging with an indigenous community in Hokkaido, Japan called the Ainu. The students are then invited to explore bodily understanding of non-human beings and discuss making artworks for them.

“Plants and ants on trees. Some symbiotic & some parasitic, all reaching above and below the perception of humans.” Philipp Dollinger

“listening from in_between” Lena

through rituals we can communicate to non-human entities…Valentina Berthelon

“The sunflower seedlings feel that the light is good, but the weather is a little hot.” Yankui Li

be their audience first
observations of community
growing together
a closer look

Jana Tost

For aliens.  Ren Ran

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