Rundgang WS 2023

Rundgang 2022

As with every end of the winter semster, the students show their works at Rundgang. Medienhaus has opened its doors to welcome curators and curious guest. The classrooms are open to the public and each room exhibits the most recent works of the students, which they made over the course of the semester.

Artists: Anastasia Almosova, Mohammed AL Balushi, Valentina Berthelon, Philipp Dollinger, Beril Ece Güler, Hayate Kobayashi, Konstantin Koryagin, Berjet MGMT, Nico M, Juyeong Park, Seawon Park, Ran Ren, Yujin Song, Berkay Soykan, Paloma Schnitzer, Lisa Steppacher, Hibiki Ishijima, Ying Chen, Jens Tiemann, Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya.

Rundgang 2022

Experimental Film Screening Program at Mahala

Valentina Berthelon – Dissolved – 7:40 min
Hibiki Ishijima – Memory – 3:10 min
Philipp Dollinger – Nidus – 4 min
Konstantin Koryagin – Fall – 7:14 min
Ran Ren – Nowhere – 5:25 min
Anastasia Almosoova – At the blurred border – 8:50 min
Beril Ece Güler – Recall – 3:55 min
Jens Tiemann – Terra Incognita – 4:15 minYujin Song – beta Escape – 10:03 min
Mohammed Al Balushi – The Family Portrait – 7:16 min
M. Al Balushi & Cemre & Creme Bay – Cremeland – 2:28 min