Juan Pablo Gaviria Graduation Project

Juan Pablo Gaviria

Juan Pablo Gaviria

The voice, heard in chorus, recites a text about the straight sun, a solar event that happens in the tropics twice a year, disappearing the shadows of dazzled objects. Dilated eyes observe the actions of bodies that amplify digestion processes. The green plantain, metaphor of the appearance of meanings due to the displacement of bodies, is fried in two times as an allegory of the sun, straight; of the light, heavy; and of the sea, which due to the distance has turned into stone.

This project, which is a partial gesture of an ongoing process, is presented as a performative installation where language, action and image are deployed as tools for the creation of meaning, using metaphors that involve the body and its affective capacity in the imagination and speculation of a paradoxical world that places its center at the edges.

Conceived as a strategy of temporal spatialization of my current research processes, Like the suns brings together concerns that have been developed in recent years around the concept of Intratropicality. This concept, in constant rethinking, moves away from the exercise of definition, calling for the creation of discussion spaces that propose, think and imagine the structures of an alternative world from the paradoxical idea of a center relegated to the edges. Based on the idea of the tropics as a contradiction, a speculation that relates the encounter between its historical and geographical position, the conception of a place to be defined finds its potency exactly there, in the constant indefinition of a place where movements that trigger change converge.
The semantic resources come from physical, visual, sonorous and linguistic gestures. This “grammatical” encounter thinks structures of relation that not only propose to generate sense temporarily, but also to think and reflect on possible methodologies that contribute to the affective investigation of forms, relations and alternative functionings of a world in constant process of mutation.

Like the suns diffracts a relationship between image, action and word, projecting in space poetic encounters that insinuate the appearance of meaning in everyday gestures and movements, writing, observing or cooking; digesting, which turns out to be the temporal axis of the work. Thought processes resort to time to catalyze relationships that condense intuition, suspicion or even mistakes; however, this project thinks of the inseparable relationship between time and space, creating an analogy between duration and distance that proposes displacement with a gesture that encourages reflective digestion.
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