Fang Tsai Graduation Project


Nahweh: The Unreachable
Years | 2023
Material | Kinect camera, monitors, computer
Length | Loop

In German Fernweh describes a feeling of desire to go to a faraway place, a desire toward the Fern. On the other hand, it also contains the meaning of escaping the desert of the familiar, which is our current surroundings. To emphasize this, I use Nahweh as a term to describe the nudge we feel.

Nowadays, the internet enables us to see images of faraway places with just a few clicks (i.e. Google Street View), but instead of bringing us the space, it brings us incomplete information about the space, a limited imitation of the experience.

Nahweh: the Unreachable is a window that displays spaces that are accessible through the internet but inaccessible immediately in real life. It uses screenshots from Google Street View to generate a series of half-realistic but dreamy spaces, displayed towards the streets, inviting pedestrians to interact with them. A window to the reachable yet unreachable space.