The Circle, the Triangle, the Rectangle and the Crossing

The Circle, the Triangle, the Rectangle and the Crossing is an attempt to decompose the stereoscopic image into its essential parts, in an analogue way, without its aura of being spearhead technology. Six projectors in a triangular structure create one single image in a screen in front of them: A crossing of roads. After having filmed the movement with two cameras situated one next to the other —simulating the distance between the eyes as in a human face —, each of these films is separated into three channels —red, green and blue, or RGB—. The films of each camera are polarized in a certain way, so that they can only be seen through one of the lenses of the 3D glasses, i.e., through the left eye one can only see the three projectors that carry the film of the left camera and vice versa. The result is an image that is composed without concern for synchronization: Each projector runs at a specific frequency even though the standard is 24fps, which implies that there will alway be a delay between them. The perfect image will eventually be achieved when all six projectors synchronize in the circular time that the loop creates, only to fall out of synch immediately after that.

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