Sabrina Labis Graduation Project

Graduation Project KuM, 2017
Sabrina Labis

A Personal Color Correction (2017) Experimental Video, 05:22 min
The video ‘A Personal Color Correction’ deals with different aspects of color in film and the transformation from analog to digital techniques of color correction.
The work specifically focuses on the role of women in film production and is an homage to all female film colorists who were an important part of the early film industry. Finally this video ‘corrects’ the male-dominated documentation of film history in a personal and subjective way.

Studio (2017) Neon Light, 27×10 cm
‘Studio’ is a place of work, that may have several meanings in or outside the art world. For example an artists studio, a film studio, a one room apartment, a cosmetic studio, a sound studio, an animation studio, a massage studio etc.
The idea of a three dimensional studio has a long tradition in art history where the ‚Studio‘ is a secret place of creation. Considering a digital workflow this idea might have changed but influences the concept of artistic work ever since.

Soft Skills (2017) clay objects, wood, paper, pencil, speaker stands, 150 x 25 cm
Hard skills are the tangible and technical skills as qualifications and specific professional experiences. Whereas ‘Soft Skills’ is a term used to refer to the more intangible, abstract and non-technical abilities. In a digital world and on a more competitive market ‘Soft Skills’ are getting more and more important for any kind of labour. The Most important soft skills are: Communication Skills, Adaptability, Self Confidence, Stress Management, Empathy, Self Motivation.