EMAF – European Media Art Festival



EMAF – European Media Art Festival, THERE WAS NO FESTIVAL

22 to 26 of April 2020 – STREAMING

First Person Plural – How much “we” does the “I” contain?

I, you, he / she / it, we, you, they – a grammatical system is indis- pensable for anyone learning a new language. Yet “I” and “you” can be the same person – depending on the eye of the beholder. This year, EMAF is dealing with the first person plural, the “we”, which can quickly become “you” through the demarcation by its counterpart or “they” by third parties.

This was the theme that was to make Osnabrück a meeting place for media artists from all over the world once again at the end of April, and then the Corona pandemic brought all public life to a standstill. Unfortunately,  THERE WAS NO FESTIVAL. But there was a streaming. From the 22nd to the 26th of April, students of the Experimental Film Class and Media Art, University of the Arts Berlin showed their work in a different way at this year’s festival in Osnabrück.

More information on the catalogue     on page 182

Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya – Adverb of time / das Temporaladverb, DE 2020, 00:05:30, 2 channel video installation, HD, loop

Antonio Castles  The Debate, DE 2019, 01:10:00 Mixed media installation

Florian Goldmann – Modeling Catastrophe. The Location of Excess, DE 2020, 00:15:00, Two channel video installation, loop

Marina Höxter – The shape of an island (Die Form einer Insel), DE 2020, Mixed media installation

Katrin Hunze – SINGULARIS, DE 2020, 00:05:55, Two channel video installation

Lucas Maia – Ecologia Multicolorida, DE 2020, Feedback loop installation hammock, light source

Hara Shin – Speculative Atlas, DE 2020, 00:09:00, Single channel video, HD, color, sound

Fang Tsai – Window, DE 2020, Video installation, loop

Hana Yoo – Yoji, DE 2019, 00:01:35, 16mm (digitalized), loop, VR film

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