Mengxuan Sun Master Project

Tiān Yá Gòng Cǐ Shí — “ we share this moment together ”  2020 VR, interactive website Is a short sentence from an ancient Chinese poem. The original text is “ 海 上升明月,天涯共此时” As the bright moon shines over the sea, from far away you share this moment with me. (“TIAN YA” means the end of the earth or Every Corner of the world.) The Chinese thought behind this sentence implies that no matter where we are, we are looking at each other through the same medium. This sentence originated before the internet but can be applied also applies to our contemporary networked society. In this poem, the combination of reality and virtuality has been embodied at the same time. The moon exists, and the “other” imagined by the poet that looks at the moon is virtual. Now the physical “moon” has transformed into a community formed by countless social media users in the virtual network. The metaphor of seeing the moon, from all sides, which is actually the view of ourselves in the physical world, which is reflected in the network. Each individual user tirelessly sends his life- report and mood- manual to the “moon”. So that we start to felt so close despite being separated by a great distance . Especially throughout the first half of 2020, our digital selves have been forced further on to the screen. This virtual “moon” has always existed, but because we completely cut off the physical space, the moonlight becomes brighter.
version 1.0 : interactive Website There is no society on social media. Our Selfie and collective self-image [auto icon], the account is our life data/materials/library/backup?. Behind this life-data, there is our personal body and spirit. Every day we work hard to share foods, cats, and feelings through the keyboard, work vol-untarily and free of charge. Social media accounts have become attribute selections– platforms to selectively show yourself to the world. We are all mini digital labor in the internet world. Ours to hack and to own. >>> Introduction User- Generated Content/ User-created Content “Tiān Yá Gòng Cǐ Shí” 1.0 is an interactive website. It allows instagram users to enter their account name. This website will query the posts shared by their public accounts on social media and rebuild these images as new 3d digital landscapes. Each time a new user comes in, it will refresh the previous page. This work will be exhibited as an immersive video installation. The audience can visit it in physical space. Standing in front of the digital landscape created by themselves. 
VR Video 太初 3030 Taì Chū 3030 (Taì Chū :In the Beginning)
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. >>> Eternal Life Survival Guide After everything ended, everything started. >>> background By 3030, your virtual avatar has been upgraded to become the first class of the “WE++” project which was initiated by SN Company. They hired digital archaeologists to access the wandering digital souls from the history of the database. Repair and upgrade them to become citizens of the new world. Congratulations! Here is the guide of Eternal Life Survival. It includes entertainment, faith, healthy, social networks, and so on. Of course, there are no two identical stones in the world, nor two identical people, they just live for you. The city is operating, again and again, artificial intelligence and human beings live in harmony. The faith is developed again. In the world full of the truth and nothingness. Do you feel lonely? oh, that’s the ultimate romance here.