Hana Yoo Graduation Project

Splendour in the glass
4K, color, stereo, 17:17min. 2020
The project started with an article published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Russia under the title ‘VR test for cows on farms near Moscow’, which describes an experiment conducted to cattle in a dairy farm, showing a virtual image of peaceful grassland with a customized VR headset. The article implies that the VR experiment reduces the anxiety of cow and has shown a possible increase in milk production.
While examining the contested utopia and anxiety of digital nature, the work imagines virtual meadow that the cow might see through VR, although eventually, implements a human perspective.

The utilization of technical apparatus in welfare for both humans and animals aims different purposes, e.g. cows for milk and meat production – humans for life quality improvement. In respect of subject-object relationship in a traditional scientific experiment, however, it is deeply rooted in political similarity. Over the assumption that showing a utopian image will reduce the anxiety of the animal(and the public), the sovereign control on public mental health and female reproduction labour suffices for the ultimate function of capitalism.

Within a various purpose, The endeavor to change perspective and overcome the boundary of perception has been technologically examined, i.g virtual reality, but simultaneously it reveals numerous reductions that make simplification of the environment and its mental influences. How could one embrace the complexity while detouring from the idea of self? Inspired by stories for the children and animistic thinking of mythologies, ‘Splendour in the grass’ rather takes an extremely exaggerated anthropomorphizing on Non-humans, which discloses a dialectical position of humans to widen perceptions, whilst confronting limitations.

Synopsis – Cow takes experimental psychotherapy with Mary, assumably the psychiatrist, who gave a prescription to cow the virtual reality treatment. During the session, the cow is going through her memory trip and illusive experience, which at the end, blur the identity of the cow herself, whether she is an animal or human, subject or object of the treatment.

Splendour in the grass, film still, 2020

Splendour in the glass 4K, color, stereo, 17:17min., 2020

Splendour in the glass 4K, color, stereo, 17:17min., 2020