Common Ground – Places of Community

In this seminar by Lilli Kuschel and class excursion to Sauen art and film students from the UdK worked together with refugees from similar backgrounds to produce an interactive collaborative film. The theme of the workshop was Community, with an emphasis on urban spaces where new forms of community are being developed.

We visited several newly established communities and communal projects in Berlin such as the Agora Collective, the Z/KU (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) and we went to the emergency shelter at Tempelhof airport.

Collectives, collaborations and communities. Through the examination of terms such as migration, escape and arrival we have investigated the questions of : What is Community? Who are ‘We’? And where and how does community manifest itself in the city?

We have explored the potential of smartphones as a complete communal film making tool, using free apps and we talked about online safety and DIY censoring methods. In a technical workshops we developed experimental film-rigs for smartphones, exploring different and new ways of camera movement.

At UdK Rundgang 2016 we have presented the results of our collaborative work and a workshop in Sauen.

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