DEMO:POLIS – The Right to Public Space


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The Carpark

DEMO:POLIS – The Right to Public Space exhibition took place at Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste) 12 March until 29 May, 2016. Students from the class Experimental Film / Media art UdK together with students from TUB Berlin were part participating there as part of Media Lab Berlin (Albert Lang, Jörg Stollmann, TUB, Thomas Arslan, Nina Fischer, UdK). Three collaborative projects were developed during this time.

The Carpark (Dovilė Aleksaitė, Eleanor Aylett-Jones, Esteban Rivera, Tilmann Teske) installation analysed the premises of the previous “Führerbunkers” in Berlin-Mitte between Wilhelmstraße and Gertrud-Kolmar-Straße which nowadays is used as a parking lot.

Rita Schäfer Won’t Give Up (Victor Dill, Silvia Groeger, Moritz Hossli, Elisabeth Kelly) were looking for an answer what does the term “public” means.

Aufzeichnungen zur Tilgung (Karoline Fahl, Eszter Galambos, Sophie Goethe, Steffen Klotz, Lucas Maia, Shahed Naji, Judith Noack) installation showed the findings of a process of forensic research in a public space next to Kulturforum.