Dariia Kuzmych Graduation Project


Multimedia spatial installation

Sound design by Heinali and Alexey Shmurak (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Documentation by Victoria Pidust

«Your rental contract has been terminated» is a spatial installation, in which different fragments of temporary living spaces compose a hybrid structure of being-home. Sunbeams on the wall, drawings, sketches, sticky notes and a laptop are transient anchors in this structure.

Method of connecting spaces. Draft for the installation

You enter a closed space that looks a bit like a living and work room. Work has been interrupted, the room is deserted. A search for traces of presence is underway in the notes, schemas and sketches in this room. Their outlines are documented in sketches, their relations ordered to form a system. 

When the places and countries keep changing – are unstable – the continuity of day to day life develops as a method of arranging, reimplementing itself in every new space. The interrupted flow of your work is continued in another place with the technical options provided there. This method of maintaining continuity resembles a ritual: ordering things in the same way again and again, setting them into the same relation to each other, following the same pattern. Thus a table at a window is a home, the shadow of a tree-shaped house plant is a home. A method of coincidential and construed spatial connections soothes the fragmentation of perception, the only kind of stability possible in such ephemerous, temporary situations. A method connecting place and time and (thus) holding spaces together is being developed behind the screen. 

Capture on the screen: 

«Your rental contract has been terminated. You may keep two things – a picture and an object of practical use: lamp, plant or loudspeaker. Choose these things on the screen» Each choice of a combination of different objects leads to a particular video projection, which gradually emerges on the wall behind the doorway. Sunsets, sunbeams and reflections from other rooms are getting in here, in the space of our presence.

Installation view from the projection room