Anan Yoon Lee Graduation Project

High Dynamic Range Planetary Rendering
2 channel video installation

“High Dynamic Range Planetary Rendering” is a compilation video of the gazing ball, which situated in various times and spots through the history. These spheres became so widely used in so many settings, these pretty, all-round utility ornament acquired many titles – from ordinary garden ornament to the emblem of the global consciousness. They are observed, depicted on Vanitas painting, pounded/polished night and day until it becomes perfect mirror-shiny but crushed effortlessly, photographed, rendered in CGI, inflated and celebrated in Nevada desert and launched into space. In the end, the gazing ball becomes the virtual reality, where the gazers are eventually immersed into.

The accidental montage of eclectic spheres makes a speculative burning-man festival. it celebrates the nature of media that guides a corpus of beliefs shared among various time and space, with sarcastic humour on its vanitas vanitatum. 

The fundamental function of the gazing ball is just being beautiful as a final decoration of the garden – where we cultivated, made into the culture. we put this centrepiece and gaze into, enjoy the beauty we created surround it. The gazing ball is an emblem of artificiality, which serves the narcissistic moment of humanity.