Month: August 2016

Rundgang 2016

[Show thumbnails] The RUNDGANG at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) is one of the highlights in university’s events calendar. Every year, Germany’s largest university of the arts opens its workshops, ateliers, studios and rehearsal rooms to the public, providing an opportunity to meet young artists. The study programme Art and Media and the class Experimental Film / Media art presented selected works in Medienhaus from from 21th till 23rd of July 2016. More information: Flyer Exhibition of the Class Experimental Film and Media Art & Flyer about the project: Migration and New Communities

Common Ground – Places of Community

[Show thumbnails] In this seminar by Lilli Kuschel and class excursion to Sauen art and film students from the UdK worked together with refugees from similar backgrounds to produce an interactive collaborative film. The theme of the workshop was Community, with an emphasis on urban spaces where new forms of community are being developed. We visited several newly established communities and communal projects in Berlin such as the Agora Collective, the Z/KU (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) and we went to the emergency shelter at Tempelhof airport. Collectives, collaborations and communities. Through the examination of terms such as migration, escape

Migration and New Communities

Invalid Displayed Gallery Fachklasse Experimentelller Film / Medienkunst Der Fokus des SS 2016 war Migration and New Communities. dazu gab es 2 Programme: 1. Common Ground – Migration and New Communities Seminar von Lilli Kuschel 2. Studienreise nach Sauen: 17.-19.2016 Prof. Nina Fischer, Lilli Kuschel Migration and New Communities Studienreise für Studierende der Fachklasse experimenteller Film und Medienkunst, der UDK und Gästen. Dabei werden die Studenten sich mit Filmemacher*innen und Künstler*innen, die aufgrund von Krieg oder anderen Bedrohungen in ihrer Heimat flüchten mussten, über ihre künstlerische Arbeit austauschen, und gemeinschaftliche Projekte zu entwickeln, die vorort als Skizze mit dem Smartphone