Marina Höxter Graduation Project

The shape of an island, 2020

Υδρέα (Hydrea). Super-8 film loop, colour, silent, 4′ 16”, (2019)
Fallen citrus. Pigment print on paper, 75 x 112 cm
Scattered debris, Hydronetta. Pigment print on paper, 75 x 112 cm
Moni Profitou Iliou. Pigment print on paper, 75 x 112 cm
Notes on an Island. Magnetic tape loop, 6′ 29”

The shape of an island is a multi-media installation which reflects a brief experience of observation, during a seven-day journey to Hydra, Greece. Taking as a starting point the idea of an island as a geographic, sensory and symbolic hiatus in a given environment, the works respond to a reflection of the personal gaze through different media while focusing on the space as main subject.

Written words, sounds, still and moving images conform a fragmentary recollection of an encounter between the observer and an unfamiliar space. Even though the actual nature of reality cannot be represented, we can attempt to outline its’ shape once and over again, just as a changing shadow redefines the form of an object, while moving with the sun. The shape of an island, hence, is also the casting of my own shadow on a warm concrete beach while I wait to shoot a ship sailing away.
© Marina Höxter
© Marina Höxter