UdK Class Experimental Film / Media Art, Prof. Nina Fischer
Study Programme Art and Media, University of the Arts, Berlin


This is the blog of the class: Experimental Film/ Media Art in the study programme Art and Media, at University of the Arts, Berlin.

The blog serves as a platform for the presentation and documentation of the class’ activities and the work of the students. The class “Experimental Film / Media Art” is focused primarily on an experimental approach of the medium film and video. The focus is on the interface of visual art and film. The aim is to develop new formats and experimental methods of presentation, and to find a contemporary approach that addresses current developments in society as well as contemporary philosophical discourses and phenomena.


More information: UdK Class Experimental Film / Media Art

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Prof. Nina Fischer

Class for Experimental Film and Media Art,

Kunst und Medien (Art and Media Department)

University of the Arts, Berlin

E-Mail: ni.fischer(at)udk-berlin.de


Lilli Kuschel

Artistic Assistant

E-Mail: lilli.kuschel(at)udk-berlin.de


Valentina Berthelon

Cemre Bayatlier


E-mail: axisvega@gmail.com

E-mail: cemre96@hotmail.com