Hana Yoo Master Project

Chambers, 2021

There were animals before machines, and before humans. Before machine takes some of the humans’ role it was substituting animals, and before humans experiment with machines they did with animals. As it seems their relationship is inextricably entangled in each other, they are, in fact, each other – partially or entirely. Having this complex ontology, humans have been inevitably anthropomorphizing animals and machines to understand them and also to understand the human self, which shapes again an intricate ecology of empathy. My project here examines these ecologies and aims to create a new type of non-hierarchical co-existence.

The project ‘Chambers’ focuses on rats(generally rodents). Rats are within certain cultures and histories often despised animals, considered dangerous, harmful, and therefore killable. In a science laboratory, on the other hand, rats are one of the most popular subjects, useful, highly productive, but also killable. Machine in between humans and rats takes crucial roles in revealing their complex socio-political implications, by categorizing, and pattern making. With 2 videos and one generative moving image, all chambers would shape as a media-sculptural installation in a physical form. Playing in between allegories and analogies, these two non-human agents will seek the way out, which leads to the chambers of madness.

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