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Artist Oliver Ressel in conversation with UdK Class Experimental Film / Podcast

Oliver Ressler is an artist and filmmaker working with installations, projects in public space, and films focused on economics, democracy, migration, the climate crisis, forms of resistance, and the possibility of social alternatives. Since 2019 Ressler has directed Barricading the Ice Sheets, a research project on the climate justice movement, funded by the Austrian Science Fund, that will lead to an exhibition at Camera Austria in Graz in September 2021. Ressler held solo exhibitions at Berkeley Art Museum, USA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid; Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Egypt; The Cube Project Space, Taipei; Kunsthaus

Artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan in conversation with UdK Class Experimental Film / Podcast

Transience and transformation are the central themes in the work of Anne Duk Hee Jordan. Through movement and performance, Jordan gives materiality another dimension – she builds motorized sculptures and creates edible landscapes. Her sculptures are intended to draw the viewer into the present and open a dialogue between natural phenomena, philosophy and art. Her work is like an interactive fantasy play with the knowledge and theories about the world and our souls. In the absence of concrete knowledge, fantasy runs riot. Jordan opens up doors to a universe where she humorously and romantically creates machines that juxtapose robotic consciousness

Artist Michelle Marie Letelier in conversation with UdK Class Experimental Film / Podcast

Her work orchestrates transformations of natural resources, alongside extensive wide-ranging, interdisciplinary research into the landscapes where their exploitation and speculation take place. Through her work, she places together different epochs, regions and societies, examining political-economic, historical and cultural aspects. Since establishing in Berlin in 2007, she has focused her research on five resources: coal, copper, saltpetre, wind and, more recently, salmon. By applying, mixing and constellating their properties—such as electrical conductivity, crystallisation and agency—, chemical and physical transformation processes produce the artworks themselves, as well as their poiesis, beyond the extractive industry and its forms of control. Michelle-Marie Letelier obtained

Another Matter Exhibition´s Documentation

The exhibition Another Matter explored new ways of relating to the more-than-human and inquires into the social, material, and aesthetic conditions of the so-called Anthropocene. The exhibited works examine matters of concern beyond anthropocentrism, following Donna Haraway’s call for tentacular thinking. As an aperture towards new understandings, it brings together artifacts, sketches, notes, and vignettes from a range of ongoing research processes. Presented as an assemblage of in-progress works ranging from video- and installation-based to sculpture and painting, the exhibition embraces the potential of the unfinished to open up new discourses and pose continuously new questions. This Eexhibition was developed by the

Exhibition “Another Matter” at ACUD Macht Neu Gallery

Dates: 16.&17. July | Location: ACUD MACHT NEU Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin A group exhibition coming out of explorations of UdK Class Experimental Film and Media Art together with Society for Nontrivial Pursuits from July 16 to July 17, 2021. A two-day programme includes an exhibition at ACUD Galerie, performances and film and video screening at ACUD open-air yard. The exhibition Another Matter explores new ways of relating to the more-than-human and inquires into the social, material, and aesthetic conditions of the so-called Anthropocene. The exhibited works examine matters of concern beyond anthropocentrism, following Donna Haraway’s call for tentacular thinking. As an aperture

“Corona’s lockdown: a scientific experiment on climate” / Podcast

Interview with Climate Impact Researcher Chen Chris Gong in conversation with UdK Class Experimental Film and Media Art Last year in the beginning of corona`s Lockdown we started a year of digital encounters. We met various scientists, artists and experts which inspired us to look at our surroundings in a more sensed way. During the Seminar “New forms of research” which was conceived by Christina Landbrecht and Prof. Nina Fischer we focused on what the shutdown has done to our perception of time and space. And together we tried to understand what role of the artist could be at this moment. Art Historian Christina Landbrecht has been Head

Fungi Workshop – Pilze und die Biotechnologie der Zukunft

Within TOP Lab’s activities, Alessandro Volpato hosted a seminar for UdK students at the Medienhaus, training them to produce vegan materials based on fungal composite materials in a self organised laboratory. Goal of the seminar was to experiment with climate-neutral, artistic strategies and get familiar with futuristic approaches to produce commodities. Mushrooms are cultivated to produce food, construction materials, furniture, textiles, packaging materials, dyeing pigments, chemicals, artworks and are studied as medicinal substance producers. The variety of use cases makes of mycology a field of studies with the potential of proposing extraordinary ideas. Students witnessed the challenges posed by this transformation of the production chain, and put together

Oxford-UdK Berlin Partnership in `Arts and Humanities` podcasts

Interview with Artist Eiko Soga and Historian Amanda Power in conversation with UdK Class Experimental Film and Media Art Our speaker today is Eiko Soga in conversation with the experimental Film and Media Art class at the University of the Arts. In this three part series we showcase research projects across the arts and humanities, drawing on expertise from the University of Oxford and University of the Arts, Berlin. We will be exploring how art can work with sensory knowledge beyond the human world. We will experiment with thought processes that can move away from the forms of society and

Lecture performance “Ocean Dwellers”

Lecture Performance, after visiting the exhibition “Ocean Dwellers” in the Nordic embassies in Berlin. Nov 2019 Juan Pablo Gaviria, Jieun, Jan Matýsek, Lisa Rein, Lisa Maria Steppacher Text and Voice Over; Juan Pablo Gaviria Die Lehre vom chemischen Stoff besagt, dass die Substanz eine besondere Art der homogenen Materie ist, aufgrund ihrer festen und definierten Zusammensetzung. Trotzdem gibt es nicht nur einen Zustand der Materie, sondern es gibt unterschiedliche Formen, die von Temperaturschwankungen oder Druckunterschieden abhängen. Diese verschiedenen Phasen werden als Aggregatzustände bezeichnet (fest, flüssig, gasförmig). Die Veränderung der externen Bedingungen, denen die Substanz ausgesetzt ist, kann die Zustände der Materie transformieren. Dieser Prozess heißt Phasenübergang.


Eine Demonstration für die Künste. In einem Kreis mit einem Durchmesser von 2020 Metern um den UdK-Standort Hardenbergstraße 33 werden über einen Zeitraum von 24 Stunden künstlerische Begegnungen und Interventionen zwischen Künstler*innen der UdK Berlin und den Berliner*innen stattfinden.  Im Rahmen dieser Aktion zeigen am Do 16. Juli ab 21.45 Uhr Studierende der Klassen Experimenteller Film/Medienkunst, Videoarbeiten in den Fenstern des Konzertsaales Hardenbergstraße 33 / Ecke Fasanenstraße

Im Gespräch mit Dr. Emanuel Wyler / Podcast

Die experimentelle Film und Medienkunst Klasse im Gespräch über den aktuellen Stand der Erforschung des Coronavirus mit Dr. Emanuel Wyler, Molekularbiologe und derzeit Postdoc im Labor von Prof. Markus Landthaler am Max Delbrück Zentrum für Molekulare Medizin. Das Gespräch fand im Rahmen des Seminars “Neue Formen des Forschens II” von Prof. Nina Fischer und Dr. des. Christina Landbrecht statt.     Poster graphic : Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya

New function for our blog : Post✍and Comment

Students can post images and text on our current situation blog. First, resister for this blog. You need to ask Tutor to get your own account. If you log in successfully, you can find text editor on the Post menu. There are two categories you need to choose, ‘Blog’ and ‘Image Wall.’, the contents from each category will be shown on the main page separately. This is the sample of how the text will be shown in Blog Category.  If you choose Image wall category, don’t forget to attach at least one image on your post.  We can also leave a comment

Archive, Bibliotheken, Datenbank im open access

Auf der Website des Instituts ist eine Liste mit offen, zugänglichen Datenbanken und Archiven zusammengestellt. Viele Anmelde- und Bezahlschranken sind angesichts der Schließung der Bibliotheken aufgehoben worden. Das ist ein gutes Zeichen für Open Science. https://www.udk-berlin.de/universitaet/fakultaet-gestaltung/institute/institut-fuer-geschichte-und-theorie-der-gestaltung/sommersemester-2019/  

Migration and New Communities

Fachklasse Experimentelller Film / Medienkunst Der Fokus des SS 2016 war Migration and New Communities. dazu gab es 2 Programme: 1. Common Ground – Migration and New Communities Seminar von Lilli Kuschel 2. Studienreise nach Sauen: 17.-19.2016 Prof. Nina Fischer, Lilli Kuschel Migration and New Communities Studienreise für Studierende der Fachklasse experimenteller Film und Medienkunst, der UDK und Gästen. Dabei werden die Studenten sich mit Filmemacher*innen und Künstler*innen, die aufgrund von Krieg oder anderen Bedrohungen in ihrer Heimat flüchten mussten, über ihre künstlerische Arbeit austauschen, und gemeinschaftliche Projekte zu entwickeln, die vorort als Skizze mit dem Smartphone realisert werden können.